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We are the ones with vision. We aspire to innovative startup. We manufacture startup out of thin air. And perhaps some treacle pudding. We soar on thin currents of air. Nobody believes us until it is done.

Beginning of Episode One

The team had a motto. A good team always has a motto. And this was a particularly good team. Daniel Barrowman had inculcated goodness into his team to the point where other teams in the company came to them for advice about how to rally and progress and be more agile.

The motto: "The spirit behind a thing is the driver of the thing.”

Daniel was proud of himself for coming up with that motto, and proud of his team for their role in actualising it. He lay awake some nights anticipating a future time when the team would rolloff out of the company into an independent startup. Indeed, the team he headed had the best Startup Spirit in the company, perhaps in the whole damn state.

A Successful Startup needs more than Pirate Days

But he worried too. Spirit is a delicate and fractious garden. ...

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