Drupal in Australia fact sheet - 6 September 2014

Drupal in Australia fact sheets. Irregular updates focused on the business of Drupal in Australia.

A key fact about the business of drupal in Australia.

1. Large organisations are using the Drupal platform for development of in-house systems and public facing sites:


8 key facts about the Australian Government move towards Drupal

1. The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) has indicated its preference is to use the open-source Drupal Web platform and to have the CMS delivered as a cloud service.


2. In May 2014 The Department of Finance sought feedback about its draft Government Content Management System (GovCMS) Statement of Requirements.


3. In June 2012 The Department of Finance reported on why Drupal was chosen as its Content Management System


4. The Australian government may move a significant number of its sites onto cloud-based drupal.


You are the expert, you must have done this a million times before.

In I.T the common man's understanding is that the expert knows how to do things that the common man does not. The expert is paid for activating and supplying the knowledge bank that solves certain problems and/or delivers certain features. There is certainly some truth is this.

But firmer reality is, the expert often does not know how to do something before she begins; she begins and the way forward opens up in front of her.

As she progresses, the way forward continues to incrementally display itself to her professional eyes.

Exploring our Thinking About Working Together

One in a series on "Thinking as a Software Engineering Challenge".

Consider the proposition that I.T. projects fail when 'Our Thinking about Working Together' is not sufficiently Understood or Engineered.

Skill-sets can be under-resourced; technologies can be poorly chosen; technical issues can be left unresolved; deployment challenges can be critical; budgetary constraints can be insurmountable; timelines can break-down. Many reasons at the level of technology and project management can provide the politically acceptable rationale for abandonment of investment.

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