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Development partners

Studio Also Pty Ltd is interested in forming relationships with a number of development partners.

We have been engineering Drupal sites, largely focused on the back-ends, since 2005.

We sometimes pass on tasks to a range of other Drupal professionals, and we see that ongoing partnership with people or companies with specific skillsets or focus is of benefit to them, to us and to the clients who contact us through this site.

We are interested in beginning conversation with you if you feel you have what it takes to become a development partner with exposure here on drupal.com.au.

Promoting Drupal in Australia

There is a new version of this site in the pipeline but we cannot right now estimate when it will come live.

October, 2011

Meanwhile, we are offering this version of the site for promoting Drupal in Australia.

This site is now available to legitimate members of the Drupal Australian Community to promote Drupal in Australia.

Promotion may be for events, sites, businesses, projects, people, ideas, or other Drupal related phenomena.

About drupal.com.au

This site, drupal.com.au, was established by me (John Saward, B.Sc.) in early 2005 with the twin aims of promoting Drupal in Australia and allowing potential clients to contact me for their work requirements.

We direct you to drupal.org for further information about the Drupal open source content management platform.

Here at drupal.com.au you can currently find further information about the Drupal related services that Studio Also provides.

Increasingly, you will also find information about the accomplishments, services and needs of other stake-holders in the Australian Drupal Community.

Especially - but not only - from a business perspective.

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