How easy is it to get better google prominence for my own Drupal site?

This site has been top of the google list (Australian version) for the keyword 'drupal' for a long time.

Improving this site's Google prominence - Drupal SEO related keywords

I want to help people needing Drupal SEO find this site; and find my phone number - here it is: 03 5968 1541. Perhaps I can help you.

I'm now interested in how I can optimise the site so that it comes up higher for the keyword pair 'drupal seo'.

With a bit of twiddling over the last few days I got it up to number 7 on the front page of

Google likes my Drupal sites

Google loves Drupal

Some time ago I read a comment that "Google loves Drupal". It was conveying the fact that Drupal sites seem to get good prominence in Google.

I am proud of how my sites come up in Google. At time of writing it comes up on in top position for a search on the keyword "Drupal". That has been the case consistently since a week or two after the site went live. Now it is also creeping slowly but surely up the international listings.

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